Monday, 11 December 2017

Bigger, brighter, better, best…

These Are the People in Your Family

Find 10 adjectives that can be used to describe people. 
(old, young, tall, funny, ???)  
write a sentence using the superlative form of each adjective. The sentence should be about a person in their family. 
Once the sentences are completed, each person should write a list of the family members who appeared in their sentences. 
Pairs of students should then exchange lists of people but keep their sentences to themselves. Each person should ask questions about their partner’s family and try to match each person to their superlative adjective. For example, a person might ask, “Is Su-Jan the oldest person in your family?” The other person should answer with a yes or an explanation. “No, Su-Jan is only four years old.” 
Give your groups ten to fifteen minutes to ask each other questions, and then see who in your class figured out the most family member qualities!

What other adjectives to describe personality do you know?

Write a short paragraph and describe a person you and your partner know but don't say who it is. Your partner can guess!

Let's have fun singing along a HAPPY song in an unusual way!

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