Monday, 29 January 2018


What wishes can you use in each occasion?

What  adjectives to describe personality do you know?

Was your childhood buddy sweet?
Do you remember your childhood best fiend sweetly?
Adjective or Adverb?

Game for next time
Match Maker
Can a match made in heaven happen in an ESL class?

  • Each person in class will play matchmaker for an unattached friend or family member. 
  • Watch the video about adjectives of personality
  • Make a list of adjectives which describe your single friend. The adjectives should describe appearance and personality (both good and bad). Remember to list likes and dislikes for their friend. 
  • Next time, you will go around the room asking questions about your classmates’ single friends. The matchmaker’s goal is to find someone who is similar to his/her friend and who he /she thinks would be a good match. 
  • When you think you have found one tell the class why!

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