Monday, 20 January 2020

What did you do yesterday?

Do you know the film What did Mel Gibson do?
Watch the video and keep notes.
Then find a partner and tell him 5 things Mel did.

Now time for a game!
 Last summer, I visited  Australia with my wife. We travelled by plane and stayed at a bed and breakfast at Coogee Bay for 10 days. Every day we walked in the beach but we didn’t swim in the ocean. We were careful because there were sharks.  We believed that the holiday was fantastic so we are planning to go back next summer

So, who are the members of your family?
Watch this video to find out!!!

Despicable Me 

Watching movies is one of the best ways to improve your English skills!
Here's a fun activity with Despicable Me, a very popular cartoon.

I. Before watching the segment, complete the paragraph below with the simple past form of the given verbs.
Gru was anxious about his date on the following day. He was happy, very happy. The alarm clock _________ at 8:30 am. He ____________ of bed and ____________ a shower with his toy ducks. Then he _________ his teeth, ______________ pancakes for breakfast, and _____________ real ducks cross the street. He happily ______________ the mall escalator. In the park, he _____________ a Frisbee and _____________ some tai-chi-chan. He also _____________ the drums with a few tin cans. Then he ___________ a flower to a young man for him to hand to a girl sitting next to him.

II. Now watch the video and check your answers


Now let's siing!
In memory of the great Mamma Mia musical we saw last week, let's sing 
the nostalgic Our Last Summer by Abba

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Are you eating some vegetables or a lot of cheese?

So, you what are you eating these days? I am eating some meat and rice and I am drinking a lot of water but not any cola.
Practice here

Friday, 3 January 2020

She is making an omelette!

Do you like cooking?
What ingredients do you need to make an omelette?

 Watch the video. Do you like the recipe?

Act out the movements and let others guess what you are doing.
Now write your own recipe.
Guess what ingedients your classmate's recipe has.

Practice talking about what we are doing NOW (in the present)  here

Time for the song!

Monday, 16 December 2019

He is the tallest in my family!

These Are the People in Your Family

Find 10 adjectives that can be used to describe people. 
(old, young, tall, funny, ???)  
write a sentence using the superlative form of each adjective. The sentence should be about a person in their family. 
Once the sentences are completed, each person should write a list of the family members who appeared in their sentences. 
Pairs of students should then exchange lists of people but keep their sentences to themselves. Each person should ask questions about their partner’s family and try to match each person to their superlative adjective. For example, a person might ask, “Is Su-Jan the oldest person in your family?” The other person should answer with a yes or an explanation. “No, Su-Jan is only four years old.” 
Give your groups ten to fifteen minutes to ask each other questions, and then see who in your class figured out the most family member qualities!

What other adjectives to describe personality do you know?

Write a short paragraph and describe a person you and your partner know but don't say who it is. Your partner can guess!

Let's have fun singing along a HAPPY song in an unusual way!

Monday, 18 November 2019

Laugh! Don't stop!

Thick and thin sounds
see- she
sell - shell
sit- shit
Does she see the sea?

Tongue twisters. Say fast!!!
  • She sells seashells.
  • Selfish shellfish.

How often do you travel abroad? And why do you travel?
I usually travel abroad on business. And you?

Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Often, Usually, Always
So, London is calling!
What London sight do you want to visit?
Let's watch the video

What do you do when on holiday abroad?
What don't you do?

Now look at the map. Give directions!


Wednesday, 6 November 2019

A day in the life of...

Step 1
You may ask five and only five questions about your partner’s daily life: their age, job, studies, journey to  work, routine and evening pastimes.

Step 2
When you have asked and answered the questions, write “A Day in the Life” of your partner in the first person, as if you were your partner. Use the information you got from your partner and use your imagination and empathy to fill in details you don’t know. How does he/she feel about his/her life?

Step 3
When you finish, give the description to your partner, read the description of your life and then tell your partner if it is a good description of your everyday life.

Step 4
So, how about you?

When do you generally get up?
What is something you always do when you study for a test?
What is something you usually do in your free time?
Where do you often go in summer?
Where do you sometimes go with your friends?
What is something you never do around your kids?
What do you usually do in the morning to get ready?
What restaurants do you seldom eat at?
What is something you rarely eat during the winter?
What type of music do you normally listen to?

Step 5
Think about a member of your family. How does he/she spend his/her day?
What does he/she like doing and doesn't he/she enjoy?
Tell the group