Wednesday, 29 November 2017

What do you do every weekend?

Step 1
You may ask five and only five questions about your partner’s daily life: their age, job, studies, journey to university or work, routine and evening pastimes.

Step 2
When you have asked and answered the questions, write “A Day in the Life” of your partner in the first person, as if you were your partner. Use the information you got from your partner and use your imagination and empathy to fill in details you don’t know. How does he/she feel about his/her life?

Step 3
When you finish, give the description to your partner, read the description of your life and then tell your partner if it is a good description of your everyday life.

Step 4
So, how about you?

When do you generally get up?
What is something you always do when you study for a test?
What is something you usually do in your free time?
Where do you often go in summer?
Where do you sometimes go with your friends?
What is something you never do around your kids?
What do you usually do in the morning to get ready?
What restaurants do you seldom eat at?
What is something you rarely eat during the winter?
What type of music do you normally listen to?

Step 5
Think about a member of your family. How does he/she spend his/her day?
What does he/she like doing and doesn't he/she enjoy?
Tell the group

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