Tuesday, 27 February 2018

He wants to climb Mountains!

Kyle Maynard is an amazing person. As a young man he wants to go out with girls and be with friends and 

he has always enjoyed doing sports. 

He also loves climbing! The first time he tried climbing, it was very hard. His arms and legs started bleeding 
but he decided not to give up. 

He loved seeing the view from the top so much that he promised himself to climb Mt Kilimantzaro! 
He started practising and he has never stopped trying. In the end, with his friends, he managed 
to make his dream come true! 

They liked the experience so much that Kyle suggested climbing a higher mountain next. 
His team agreed to support him and helped him to make his dream come true!

So, why is Kyle's story unusual?
Watch the video to find out!

So, do you want to climb Mt Kilimanzaro or do you enjoy sitting in the sun and drinkng coffee with your friends?

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